Cant get in game.

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Cant get in game.

Post  Esmerelda Wildfury on Sat May 28, 2011 7:24 pm

I have tried for the last 40 minutes to log into game after getting home. I am unable to get in thru the launcher or the browser. It keeps telling me no districts are available.
Is any one else experiencing problems? I saw the notice for interruptions in game play. But I dont even have any game play to be interrupted skeleton angry

UPDATE: Now I can get in to a point anyway. I hit play after selecting which pirate I want to play and the game crashes. MAYBE by 11pm I can play Crying or Very sad

Final UPDATE: I am in game now. Took awhile. Just keep trying, after you are able to get in to the pick your pirate, if it goes as it did with me, click play and keep trying. It will crash after around 4% first time, 14% the next, 30% the next and then finally you will be in.

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