"Nobody move! I dropped me brain!"

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"Nobody move! I dropped me brain!"

Post  SunnyMusic on Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:50 pm

Watched At World's End today. I think this was my favorite so far too. It had some really funny scenes. One of my favorites was when the pirates were about to be attacked by the Armada, they called parlay, and met on that strip of beach for the swap. It was sooooo funny seeing Davy Jones standing in a bucket of water! AHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I made sure that I did not look at him too much this time so I wouldn't get nauseated.

There was a lot of funny dialogue too. I think my favorite quote was by Jack, "Utterly deceptive twaddle speech, says I." HAHAHAHAAA!!!

And that poor monkey! He is put through sooo much!

I almost didn't let the film run to the after credits. Glad I did. Saw Elizabeth and their child waiting for Will to return. So, poor Elizabeth and Will can only meet for one day, every ten years?? Awwwww. Sad



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