Find a Bit o' Gold this Weekend!

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Find a Bit o' Gold this Weekend!

Post  SunnyMusic on Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:36 pm

Find a Bit o' Gold This Weekend

If you’ve been hoping for some extra gold, you may be in luck – if yer lucky enough to catch
GM Shamus O’Malley or GM Old Sooty!
Shamus O’Malley enjoys nothing better than a bit o’ the green, so naturally he’s asked the emerald ghost Old Sooty to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.
If you spot either Shamus or green Old Sooty this weekend, ask them politely to share some gold coins with ye before they vanish.

(see below for how to redeem GM gold codes)

Seek out Shamus and Old Sooty on the Wild Islands of Isla Perdida, Rumrunner’s Isle,
Isla Cangrejos, and Driftwood Island.
These two rascals spend their time on the busier Oceans (servers).

You may find it easier to attract these elusive GMs by wearing a bit o' the green in yer hair, clothes, and tattoos!

What: Spot Shamus and Old Sooty
Where: The northern Wild Islands: Isla Perdida, Rumrunner’s Isle, Isla Cangrejos, and Driftwood Island
When: Friday, March 16 – 11am to 12pm PST
Saturday, March 17 – 3pm to 4pm PST
Sunday, March 18 – 3pm to 4pm PST

How to use the gold code from GMs:
1) Hit "Enter" to open your chat window.
2) In the chat window, type /code followed by a space, then the code number

(*make sure you type a space between /code and the string of numbers)

Example: /code 1234567891234567

3) Hit "Enter" again to redeem
4) If done correctly, a notice appears that the code has been redeemed successfully and your gold amount will increase.

NOTE: Pirates can use only ONE gold code PER DAY.
So catch these green GMs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


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