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Post  Bubba on Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:19 am

So many would look at Pirates of the Caribbean Online and say it is just a game.  For the members of the Hearts A Fire Guild it became home.

On Wednesday evening, September 18th, I was able to log on for my final time. I found some old friends sailing and having a good time.  Before I joined them on the ship I took one last walk down the streets of Port Royal just to look around.

When I joined my crew mates on the ship I stepped back to look around at the sunset and the stars.  For me last night was more a time to reflect than to play.  It was still hard to believe that it was all going to end in just a few short hours.

I have learned many things from the people in this game that has helped me in real life.  Another thing that I have come to realize during my time in this game is how awesome God’s plan is.  His plan has brought each of us together at the exact time we needed it.  Some people had health issues and needed this game as a distraction from what they were going through.  Sometimes our friends just needed someone to listen to them.  We all never missed an opportunity to spread the joys that happened in our life.  Whatever the circumstances were, God knew exactly what we needed, when we needed it and how the need could be met within POTCO.

Now I know that you all are not used to hearing me talk like this but the way I see it, God is the only one that could have brought so many awesome people into my life that I am proud to call my friend.

Finally, now that the last bit of programming from POTCO has made its way to Davy Jones Locker and Disney has officially closed the doors I will have to go take something for my allergies, yes it must just be allergies because we all know PIRATES DON’T CRY!

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Pirates Online Rewritten

Post  Underestimated on Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:04 am

Hey folks, dunno how many of you come on here anymore, but if you get messages for replies maybe you'll hear about this. Check my new post, Pirates is returning


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